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I bought into there dealership program thinking I was going to make a little money.But that ended very quickly the wiring harness adapter for the 250 vt didn't work first you have to change some wires around to get spark.Then your charging system doesn't work.So you have to change that around adf 2 more wires.and when you point it out they slander your name on line make jokes about you banned you... Read more

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I had my HK1 for about a year. Very good running bike with very minimal problems. If you are not mechanically inclined don't buy one. I got complimented all the time.. "Even By Cops" Read more

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Um just as an fyi yea You can still back order issues of the Easy Rider with Full Color ads from Harley Reading . " Now the little lady can ride too!!" and " Welcome to the new 883 Perfect starter for her" Start looking in the 80 after Harley Stopped making the iron hear line of sporty with the 1000cc motors. The Iron Head was built to " keep up and compete with not only the Shovel head but... Read more

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Boy your *** is clean!You have never made a sissy bar crooked on purpose,and then sell it to a customer for 80.00 Dollars!Knowing all the time you took to build it,that it would not fit any way.Because you built it crooked on purpose! Remember that oh MR SO-CLEAN.We all have skeletons in the closet! MIKES CUSTOMS IS A BORN LOSER!MIKES CUSTOMS IS A BORN LOSER!MIKES CUSTOMS IS A BORN LOSER!MIKES... Read more

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Warning: Dealing with this company is futile. Product are inferior and Kit bikes show up with missing and broken parts. If you have to deal with customer service or ordering parts be prepare to be insulted and attack in a hostile manner. I have been in the motorcycle business for 10 years and have never experience such horrible customer service where the personnel attacks and call customers... Read more

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The bad part is most of these bike are bought for kids that get a small window of fun and then it breaks .So you order new parts and as fare as I can tell not a thing is wrong with there credit card machine it took my money just fine. same day I ordered parts. well two months later received some parts em.ed called two week later some more parts but not all and to this day they still O me a... Read more

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My son crashed one of these head on into a telephone poll. Because of the suicide shifter my son was unable to negotiate a turn and ran head on into a telephone poll this last weekend. He nearly died and has approx 100k in medical expenses (so far). Witnesses say and a video shows him with one hand on the shifter and the other trying to turn this thing. there is a good reason these shifters... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 30 /> Says it all that needs to be known unless you just want the simple pleasure of not knowing whether or not you will be safe with the product or the company. Fly by night joke to me. Seems if they wanted to be actual professionals they would address any and all situations brought to them by the bbb, yet they wish to play dumb and ignore them.... Read more

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Mick's. It seems like you have had a rough go sticking your neck out for Kikkert. I think it's funny how you're letting everyone know how kikkert is a goof when it comes to business but your website does not even work. It's kind of odd how as a reputable company these days though that you post a website that does not even work. I'm looking for an alternative to the kikker... Read more

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Just an FYI to anyone considering buying a Kikker 5150 Hardknock bobber toy pretent motorcycle. Today Kelly Kikkert announced that he now has an even more illegal pretend motorcycle that can fit a 250cc engine in it if you pay $1200 more dollars plus the bike price of $2500 that has been stretched out so its even more weak framed and can hold even less rider weight. Yet he still does not have EPA... Read more

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