Kelly at Kikker 5150 is an ***!Since the dealer here went out of business, my warranty was void.

I ordered a CDI box and it was no good as I tried one from a friend and it corrected the problem. I called Kelly and he said no warranty and he did not like the way I spoke to him. He said he would then contact all of his dealers and tell them not to sell me any parts. Then the low life hung up on me.

Its hard to believe he would treat a customer like that! I'm betting that he is about 4 feet tall and wouldn't dare speak to me like that in person. That is probably why the Kikker bikes were made so small, not for kids but for his puke face small time ***. I will never spend another penny on a Kikker part nor will I endorse the product.

From now on, my sons bike is a home made bike with no mention of Kikker.As for Kelly, I won't have to wish any ill will on you and your Micky Mouse company because with you there, your business will go under very soon!!!!!!!!

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This guy (kikkert) is rude, and is a complete douch. He takes your money and sends you *** in four boxes. Or you order parts and get them 3 months later, and if you call and ask He hangs up


If information were soeccr, this would be a goooooal!

Mansilingan, Bacolod, Philippines #208694

I as a dealer for Kikker 5150 and Kelly "the worm" Kikkert can vouge for all of these complaints.His bikes fall apart while riding them even with loctite on every bolt, hes rude to customers and his own dealers, he doesnt answer emails unless their is money involved, i was a dealer for 5 years and stuck up for Kelly but i now realize what a rip off he is.

His warranties are fake, he never sent any parts that failed, i had to buy them myself. i lost more money than i ever made working with him. He started to give Micks Customs a bad reputation so i cut my ties with this POS. I am working with Cleveland Cycle Werks and their 3 bikes that are actually built with quality, outstanding service and warranty.

What a difference since working with a professional company.

Low cost and high quality.check them out and see for yourself www.Mickscustoms.com


Patrick Kelly Kikkert is a little weasel.Someone will eventually get their hands on him and it won't be pretty.

You can't screw over so many people without SOMEONE getting retribution.

He screwed me and many others.His day will come.

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