I was a customer and a dealer. This clown Patrick Kelly Kikkert (alias Kelly Kikker, alias Kelly Kikkert, alias "Killer") ripped me off royally.

It started with sending the wrong bikes and parts, it progressed to lying about MSO's. It ended with him cashing a sizeable check from me and cutting off all contact. He eventually sent me 2 incomplete bikes and still owes me over $1000. His business is in the toilet and he's too ignorant to even know it.

Maybe he does and thats why he's screwing so many people lately.

Beware! You WILL be next if deal with this loser.

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You are right 100 percent kelly is a lier when it comes to dealership program and the plug and play harness adapter more like plug and pray harness adapter dose not work don't ask kikker for help he will put you down.Now on his site he has a tech line that's *** save your money.Avoid this company.


I love when kikkers owner comes here and makes up possitive posts about his junk as if the net isn't full of complaints about his product and conduct. Why would anyone look up a complaint site and post something POSSITIVE? Nice try Kelly.


i love my 110! over 8000 miles on it in town.

got mine for $800.00 used and broken. went over the whole bike and its great!

it would be nice to be able to get parts but what the ***. its so simple and ez to repair i love it!


We ordered a bike from him. It arrived incomplete.When I called to point this fact out to him He became combative.

I'm still waiting for parts 5 months later. If I make it out to his neck of teh woods I'm going to plant my boot so far up his a** that he'll taste shoe leather.

I'm serious. Nobody ever gets away with doing me wrong.


Your aritcle perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

Mansilingan, Bacolod, Philippines #239253

There is without a doubt some crooked stuff going on at Kikker 5150. It's undeniable when every review I read about Kikker 5150 or Kelly Kikkert is negetive.

That many people cannot be a coincidence, come on. Any *** can see that. I wouldn't even consider one of those POS bikes.

The owners brag about having to work on them all the time, they thing anyone that isn't ready for that isn't a real biker. WTF is wrong with those morons?

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #239208

Hey grain of salt, why would you need to order 100s of parts? Hardly a ringing endorsement. Maybe that's why most sane people stay away from cheap Chinese manufactured junk.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #239133

You ordered 3 bikes and 100's of parts? Hmmm......

Sounds like BS. Nice try.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #239132

Hey look. 1 possitive posting out of hundreds on the net that are negative.

Looks like Kelly found this page and is trying to blow some smoke. lmao! Go to the bbb.com and look at all the complaints! Go to ripoff report.com and see all the negative postings about Kikker.

***, google the name KELLY KIKKERT and see what you get. He's a crooked weasel.


I have ordered 3 bikes and over 100 parts from Kikker. I have only had two wrong orders, both times the replacement parts were shipped to me with in a week.

I believe anyone who reads your initial post will see there is clearly something else going on with your situation. Maybe drugs or alcohol related?

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