My son crashed one of these head on into a telephone poll. Because of the suicide shifter my son was unable to negotiate a turn and ran head on into a telephone poll this last weekend.

He nearly died and has approx 100k in medical expenses (so far). Witnesses say and a video shows him with one hand on the shifter and the other trying to turn this thing. there is a good reason these shifters aren't used on bikes these days and my son had to learn the hard way.

please let me know if you have had similar experience. This bike has other inherent dangers built into it that could have been a factor in his crash.

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Maybe don't use that shifter when turning??

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1288603

You should know your kids abilities better than anyone..why would you purchase / allow him to ride something he could get killed on!!


Why would you let a kid that can barley walk and chew bubblegum at the same time sounds like to me the problem lies with the supervision not the bike!!!!!!


Sorry for what happened to your son. I want all riders to be safe and enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle.

Suicide shifters "hince the name" are an option on any motorcycle with a rider with know how. Not something specific to kikker or any manufacturer.

Kikker does give the option because the style of bike is a older vintage model so it's an option as it was in the past. I really hope your son has made a full recovery.


That shifter is optional ...


Your son should have picked a normal bike


Obviously your son just doesn't know how to ride properly with this type of shifter.


Maybe he shouldnt have tried to ride a bike with a suicide shifter.. they call them that for a reason.

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States #956560

no rider should actually be on the road without completing proper schooling on how to ride a bike.. if your son had taken a simple four week course he would have learned how to use a side shifter you can't blame a bike when it is your own fault

Modesto, California, United States #922874

show your son how to ride. this is the way bikes started out in the good old days right?

it's his fault and yours for letting him ride with out the proper experience and training.

be glad he's still alive and ride on another day.

It sucks, but that's life bud. It goes on!

Ohio, United States #857083

How the Heck is that Kikkers fault?! Maybe he should have started on something a little less complicated that a "Suicide Shifter!" Hmm, Wonder why they call it that!! Just amazes me when peopke screw up, then want to BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE!!


Why would you be dumb enough to let a "Child" drive a "Dangerous" vehicle, First on public roads without training to use it. Suicide shifters are used on some bikes on street use with out any problems, Secound without parental supervision and third and lastly, without someone being responsible and saying "Hey you should drive it around here until you get used to it and then practice some more, and maybe take a motorcycle class to properly learn"

this is owner error.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #805120

I wouldn't put my kid on something with a suicide shifter.


KIKKERS warranty says they are not intended to be ridden on US roads, streets or highways. They are not d.o.t.

or EPA approved. Only an *** would try to drive one on a street!

They are just toys! :eek

Brush, Colorado, United States #746183

Lol blame the company for making you son crash really! It's a customized mini bobber, I'd expect a suicide shifter. That poor parenting no way that's any responsibility of the company!


Google the name KELLY KIKKERT (the owner of Kikker) and take a look at the pages of complaints.


I hate that company more than anybody will ever know. However, putting your kid on a suicide shift for his first bike is ***.

Your kide most likely panicked and didn't think to just hit the brakes and just let the engine stall out if he wasn't fast enough to put in the clutch first.

I'm sorry to hear about your son's injury. Hopefully you both have learned a lesson about getting a quality first bike rather than a Chinese build your own death trap.

Research what you're buying. You could have picked up a used Honda Rebel for leas than a Hardknock kit.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #724365

Why would you put a kid on a bike with a suiside shifter? It takes years of experience to ride a bike like that ! You have no one to blame but yourself !!

to Big #744233

Same reason your dad used your mouth as his personal *** washer.

to kelly Chicago, Illinois, United States #972524

because you like the taste? you are a *** ***!

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