Just an FYI to anyone considering buying a Kikker 5150 Hardknock bobber toy pretent motorcycle. Today Kelly Kikkert announced that he now has an even more illegal pretend motorcycle that can fit a 250cc engine in it if you pay $1200 more dollars plus the bike price of $2500 that has been stretched out so its even more weak framed and can hold even less rider weight.

Yet he still does not have EPA certification no DOT parts approved on the mini bike and no Federal Emission and safety standards. But he is still trying to sell these death traps now with more dynamite to blow you up. All he wats is your money and he is giving you a high priced suicide death trap. Are you non-intelligent enough to buy one?

I hope not. stay away from these death traps.

They are NOT legal at all for the road. Just call your DM to ask them about Kikker 5150 they will tell you.

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I have one that has epa and dot and its tagged and i have insurance for it i dont know about when they first came out but now they are really nice sound like you are a tad bit jealous


Mine has a tag and insurance. Cops pulled me over so they could check it out. Lol

Sequim, Washington, United States #1268525

Yup street legal, I own two of them. You haters are crazy! they are awesome bikes and super fun.

Lewes, Delaware, United States #1255495

To all you guys who seem to think Kikkers aren't real bikes, do a little research. They are street legal, can and should be licensed and insured if you ride on public roadways, and are classified by state and federal DOT regulations as a motorcycle.

A motorcycle, by DOT regulations, is any two- or three-wheel vehicle with an engine larger than 49cc, in some states 150cc. For anything larger than that, with the exception of a dirt bike or a bike not ridden on public roadways, they require a motorcycle endorsement and proper insurance to operate.

So yes, they are a legal and actual motorcycle, not a toy. And if you think I'm wrong look up your state DOT regs on motorcycles.

to Anonymous #1422165

What about how cheaply the frame & parts are & no support for rider weight? ?


Funny how you say they are not legal when I see tons of the for sell. They are street legal with titles in hand also have some running around here with license plates. So with that being said yes they are street legal.

Moline, Illinois, United States #1197453

100$ from the job being a mover great finds all the time new spark plug gas line flushed fluids new tires and new handle bars bein the stock 1s are 2 high and close together and all in all a good toy for the adults on sunday funday


that was long ago an you were probly not a nice person so don't go spreading your diseased ego all over the net!!! Kikker bikes are nice... don't knock it!


They are toys!!! I think most of yall are ***..

It's not considered anything else but a toy.

Like a go cart.. It you bought one thinking it was a real bike, then I have plenty of *** to sell you.


Thats funny. They are titled and run the highways down here in FL.

I built one awhile back and sold it to a girl in Miami area who rides it daily still yrs later after I built it for her. And it runs great. She has even ridden it from Miami to Daytona for Trailer Week Trailertober Fest. Legally inspected, titled, and tagged.

And no problems with it.

And it cruises down I95 at 75mph with no problems. And have built several more other people with no known complaints or problems.

to Anonymous #1107731

yo, i am looking to buy 1 for my 11year old son, he now has a cr80 dirtbike, do u think he will like it?

to Anonymous #1119580

I'm looking for one in the Athens area and have cash but need a hand to put it in can anyone help a dude ride?


Dude, I have one DMV approved. Quit whining.

to Anonymous Pasadena, California, United States #1190221

125 cc ?? Is it registered as a motorcycle or moped?


Then don't buy one u ***

Nelsonville, Ohio, United States #950898

Thanks for the info! I think ill buy one, I love my 125cc 5150! Dave m


If ur. A Mackinac.

U would have no problems. With thee bike lol there not thee only Americans. That have there design.

Built in china thats why there cheap bikes but u have to go over intire bike before u r8de and they the new ones are Dot approved lol so they will even pass California. DMV fool.


Your lack of grammar and spelling shows the intelligence level of the monkey behind the keyboard. Use a little common sense, of course these are *** bikes. What sis ypu think you were getting for that price, lol.


I just picked up a. 125cc 5150.

Got it with around 20 miles on it for under a grand. If you get a bike for less than $1000, you SHOULD understand you're NOT buying a "real" motorcycle.....but buyers have options!!!!

I bought it with full intention of putting bigger rims and tires....:the front fork allows for a tire up to 6" bigger (safely), and weld in extensions on the rear end to stretch it enough to clear a 6" bigger tire/rim!!! Not only will it stretch the bike 6", but you can go as big as 8" accounting length of rear extension. If you're not a complete ***, the rear fender will still be snug to the wheel.

This mod will make the bike TALLER and longer....as a designer, if you do your figuring correctly, you can avoid making it awkwardly higher, and go with whatever ride height you prefer. It's not rocket science.

And to all you haters out there, I know I didn't buy a Harley Davidson, I know I didn't buy of "real Harley", because of the price tag and because of the nameplate! I can assure you I am no ***.

I am, on the other hand, smart enough to know that even though it's a 125 cc motor that no one can tell it's not a 49 cc motor unless they take it apart.

So riding this bike, still a single cylinder, I can ride around with a 49 cc tag and not have it registered. But since it is a quick bike, watching my speed (around the fuzz) is smart!!!

to Designer_brain Laguna Hills, California, United States #905099

Hey I just bought the kicker 5150 200cc

I had some questions u seem to know what ur talking about. My manes Chris call me please 9495724911

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