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This was the biggest piece of CHINA made *** that our dealership has ever purchased in the 30 years that we have been in business.Mr.

Kelly Kikker owner of this company is under investigation by the Federal Government and i can't wait until this fraud is behind bars. Mr.Kikkert claims his piece of junk bikes are made in the USA when anyone that researches this fraud will find out the truth that he gets all his CHINA JUNK components shipped straight to his CA. residents. These bike are junk, all of them and the only thing worse than his bike was having to deal directly with this Junk use car dealer.

I could spend another day on the what a total unprofessional RIP OFF artist this Mr.

Kikkert is, if his mouth is moving that means only one thing, that he is lying.Good luck Mr Kikkert i cant wait until the FEDS catch up to you and your little scam and put you behind bars.

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This just proves that you can sell to hundreds of satisfied customers but there will always be a few a**eholes and unfirtunately, they often have the loudest voices.

Pendleton, Oregon, United States #925404

Never going to ever happen!There are to many satisfied customers!We love kikkers

to norman #1008267

They are shut down, so what was that you were saying??



to TEABONE Pendleton, Oregon, United States #925405

buy a new key ignition lock from kikker


Your idiots for buying this s***.You can blame anyone you want,

we have the internet and the ability to research any product we buy.

I looked at these bikes for 3 minutes and realized instantly what it took you thousands to find out....that your ***!! Knocking or bashing China is just ignorant, EVERY motorcyle builder including HD buys parts from China, because our government is so f'd up that we cant feesibly manufacture parts on a small scale.

Wake up and smell the reality you put yourself into.Do a little research before you buy something.


This stuff is Chinese, this is without question.This alone doesn't make them bad.

But the demeanor of the staff is horrible. They have no professionalism and they give off a vibe after being strung around by their word games for a while of, I just don't give a F*** what you think or if you buy. I mean, they come off as a bunch of lawless terrorists. If we think, perhaps we can have them shut down.

Anybody ever get hurt on one of these things? Surely a class action would do great things for thier business model.

Dave is a real *** too.Don't know where he fits into the equation, but he's gonna run his mouth to the wrong person some day.

Chickasha, Oklahoma, United States #715760

I called Mr.Kikker to ask him some questions about his mini bobber

assembly, and was told if I didn't know what I was doing to sell the bike to someone that dose know what they are doing.

I really like the bike to get around some of the rallies I want to turn it into a trike, but getting help from Mr.

Kikker is like getting a kick in the ***. *** you Mr.

Kikker.you are a real ***!

Eisenach, Thuringen, Germany #687714

Mein Kikker-Bike ist das geilste Bike in der Umgebung!

Mit einem bisschen technischen Verständnis kann man alles selber machen!

Die besten Grüße aus Deutschland !!!

I'M LOVIN' IT :zzz

to Stich-Tag #744232

Nazi. stfu.

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