Just the facts about the Kikker bikes.

The bike comes as a bag of parts. Often parts are missing or do not fit. The bike is approximately 1/2 scale. Takes a few hours to assemble.

These bikes can not be registered in many states because the VIN#'s are fake. In my state, they actually pulled the titles of bikes that were already titled. Others, we had to find a (somewhat illegal) way to register the bikes. Registering the bikes as "home built". Which took 4-8 hours of inspection (per bike) with the highway patrol. Even after all this, those titles were also revoked after 3 months. To legally sell a bike in the USA, you have to be registered with the NHTSA as a Manufacturer. The kikkers is not.

Selling a motorcycle in the USA without DOT parts is a major crime. Kikkers have no DOT parts. Dealers selling kikkers can be fined a minimum of $7500 per bike if caught, max in in the hundred of thousands. We found out that we could go to jail for selling a vehicle that does not have any DOT parts. Really, what a shock that knowingly, or even unknowingly selling a bike without legal parts, dealers are held liable.

The bikes are not on the list of approved manufacturers with the NHTSA. Check for yourself.

Motors are not legal for road use, No EPA certification. EPA does not even know how he gets the motors into the country, because they did tell us this is 100% illegal.

Dealers selling bikes without EPA certification are held liable for all bikes they put on the road. Now that I know about the extent of illegal that this company was perpetrating, we would have never got involved.

Now for some opinions: If you run a legal business, stay away from this product.

There is a small clan of diehard people who we have talked to on a forum that is run by the owner of the company. To those people: This guy Kelly does not care about you, or anyone else's safety, and I know this 1st hand.

This message is directed towards the average business owner, small shop and average rider. This illegal motorcycle is not worth the hassle. Better to deal with a reputable distributor and company.

It was not until we did some research and educated ourselves on motorcycles, and the US laws, that we realized how illegal it actually is to sell this bike to customers.

We have done our best to just illuminate some facts and not be inflammatory. Thank you for the time you have taken to read our experience with this product. We will stay far away from Kikker from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kikker 5150 Motorcycle.

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Kikker has recently rolled out DOT/EPA certified engines and components for their bikes and have been made 50 state legal...

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1205215

Kelly Kickkert sucks as a businessman period. Karma or some pissed off customer will 5150 kick his *** one day.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1205211

These boys are Crooks period, someone should beat the *** outta whoever answers their phones what a rude little twit he is. When you call em out about their products or lack of even shipping them after you paid for them, they get all wired up and start cussin you out....

wish them boys were down south, some hard workin southern folks wouldnt take to kindly to their crooked business dealings, and probably wipe the floor with them . Js

High Point, North Carolina, United States #722529

Ok! I have sat here reading good and awful stuff for about an hour and all I can say is, -I don't give a rats rear end if Kelly Kikkert is a rude doushbag.

I don't CARE if the DOT has issues and the EPA? Give me a BREAK!! I have been riding old rusty shmuckbikes built back in the sixties that were so BADLY designed that it scares me thinking back!! I am taking the bike to Belize anyway so,,,, What DOES concern me is the stories of non delivery of parts!

IF I understand the general consensus right I ought to buy a bike that is already built so that I know that all the parts are there? And someone mentioned that the e-bay and craigslists were FULL of KIKKERS for sale $400 - $600? -WHERE???? I have CASH RIGHT HERE AND NOW!!

I want 3 bikes 200cc or 250cc I don't care if engines are seized/blown/MISSING!!!! REAL cheap to replace so why worry if they wont last??

Hoping for a few tips about bikes here!!!

:) Sincerely; Charles Highlander. High Point NC


lets think back 10 years ago and how bikes have changed from 1998 to 2008.most of the cenhgas have been improvements to a unchanged design.fuel injection, increased reliability, better brakes and suspensionbut the major engine and frame designs remain the same.I believe the future of bikes will be automatic, cvt transmissions, better fuel economy, lower emissions, and the slow phase out of the bigger cruiser bikes, where a future 600 cc engine will have the torque and power of a 1600 cc cruiser bike.fly by wire with cam buss systems are already in some motorcycles and atv's, linked and abs brakes along with traction control are already here.The hottest sells in 2008 will be the scooters and the smaller sport bikes.HD is in trouble, they need to re-tool and and design new, smaller bikes, Harley Davidson Scooter, call it The HD Scoot


Go smoke another joint Brandon. You're not high enough.


Lets take a deeper look at this - The producer built a motorcycle. Although it is not certified by the government, is the producer the problem or is it the government?

Imagine if no cars or motorcycles had to go through the rigourous inspections of the US Government. Imagine how much cheaper our cars and motorcycles would be. The US Laws and regulations are ridiculous.

And everyone wonders why no jobs are being created. It is because the government kills it with regulations.


I have been so beilwdreed in the past but now it all makes sense!

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #253731

1. Written by My opinion, on 26-02-2011 13:10

Buy a CCW Hiest from mickscustoms.com instead.

It's a bigger bike, it's EPA and DOT approved,and it's STREET LEGAL. Best of all, both Mick and CCW have a history of EXCELLENT customer service, plus they have parts in stock! Kikker has a F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Google the name KELLY KIKKERT (owner of kikker5150) and read all of the complaints against him. If you do the research you'll find the CCW Hiest is your best bet!

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #239100

becuz kikkert is an inept dooosh who cant keep his business together. thats why theres more demand than supply.

man are you ever dumb.

read the complaints about this clown that are all over the net. everyone thats ever been screwed by this guy needs to write the epa and the dot about this weasel.


no one is flooding the market! hahahah and why is it that there is always more demand than supply? why is every shipment sold out?

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #237246

Parts are never in stock. Pity cuz these things fall apart quick!

Kelly picks fights with customers because he doesn't have the parts to ship. It's easier to tell a csutomer to screw off than to get him parts that aren't there.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #236783

this skank and her old man scooterjim are trash. typical of the kind of dirtbags on the kikker forum.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #236485

Yeah baby!!! The goverment tells us what to do to much!

To much RULES that are DUMB. Who cares if Kikkers have no legal parts! Who cares if people sez their dangerus! Ride HARD baby!

Woooohooo rock on! Me an my man the RAL Scooterjim ride hard and dirty you better beleve it baby!


Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


*** the DOT and EPA, ALL OF YOU are sheep to government controlled regulations, REBEL I say, Next thing you know CARS and TRUCKS will be illegal according to the EPA because no matter what we do, our countermeasures aren't good enough to not harm the environment. Keep ripping them Kelly, I've got my 250cc on the way ***.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #234101

This has nothing to do with assembly Stephie. It has to do with illegal, inferior parts. You need to stfu and get yourself a life, you old skag.


LOL!!! Get a life.

You guys couldn't even put your kids bicycles together.

I feel sorry for you. :)

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #233903

I'll pass that along to my contact at the EPA. Wouldn't it be funny if that scrawny punk Kikkert ended up in prison for his blatant disregard for public and environmental safety?


It is a very clever trick that Kelly is using to illegally import the bikes, namely the engines by having them shipped in as "agricultural equipment".

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